Weekend Without Life (The Red Office), 2006

title: Fig. 002 "Weekend Without Life (The Red Office)"
material: JPEG size: a4 year: 2006

Weekend Without Life (The Red Office), a installation for P//////AKT Amsterdam as a reaction on LIFE WITHOUT WEEKEND, a show by Remco Schuurbiers, Jan Rohlf and Oliver Baurhenn

'A play with the elementary and awkward question: Does work begin when work ends? Or: What is work when work is work? Or: Where to locate work, when work is work?'

material: floorposters (recycled version of the red room) / 1 office-chair / 2 shredders / 7 packages A4 paper red / 4 aerators / 2 pulley's / 1 pallet

#project #red office #floor