Born Survivor, 2013

title: Fig. 008 “Born Survivor” material: JPEG size: a4 year: 2013

Charles Saatchi

"Her eyes are transfixed as she struggles to prise away the powerful hand squeezing around her throat. Glamorous TV cook Nigella Lawson looks stunned to be ­attacked by her art collector husband Charles Saatchi during a vicious row at their ­favourite London restaurant. Fellow diners and passers-by at Scott’s in Mayfair were shocked to see the ­advertising ­multimillionaire reduce his celebrity wife to tears. Saatchi launched a tirade of angry words. Four times he grasped her around the neck with Nigella, 53, looking powerless and petrified. At first he used only his left hand, then both. At one stage he tweaked her nose then pushed both hands in her face. Twice Nigella jerked her head backwards as if in fear. Several times she nodded ­intently while the conversation became more and more heated. By the end of the meal she was clearly distraught and in tears. Now there are fears of severe problems in their 10-year marriage – his third and her second."

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