PikiCommons#2#WithoutDaan, 2017

title: Fig. 002 “PikiCommons#2#WithoutDaan”
material: JPEG size: a4 year: 2017

Remax on WikiCommons by Daan Samson 2017. WikiCommons#2: Highway A12 / Exit 'Gouda', Gouda (territory Waddinxveen)

The WikiCommons photo series is made up of images that were specifically produced to be added to the media database of Wikimedia Commons. The artist had himself portrayed next to existing artworks in public space. Samson appears to ‘claim’ these objects, creating the illusion that he himself is the maker of these various sculptures in Dutch neighbourhoods, city parks, station squares or along motorways. Samson does not even mention the actual designers or artists. Text from website of Daan Samson.

Artist: Daan Samson / Photograpy: Jeronimus van Pelt / Commissioned by: Concordia Enschede (Guest curator = Tinkebell)

#Daan Samson